Meteoriticist, Planetary Scientist (Retired)

Virginia Polytechnic Institute, B.S. (1954)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Ph.D. (1958)
Cambridge University, England, Postdoctoral Year (1959-60)

Positions Held:
1957-63 Geologist, Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
1957-63 Research Associate, Harvard University
1962-65 Research Associate, Enrico Fermi Institute for Nuclear Studies, University of Chicago
1965-2004 Research Associate, Harvard College Observatory
1965-2004 Geologist, Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
1973-76 Lecturer in Geology, Harvard University
1976-94 Professor of the Practice of Geology, Harvard University
1981-86 Associate Director, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

Major Committee Memberships:
1963-~70 Space Science Board Committee on Planetary Surfaces and Interiors, National Academy of Sciences
1970-71 Lunar Sample Review Board
1971-73 Vice Chair, Lunar Sample Analysis Planning Team
1974-83 Council of Institutions, Universities Space Research Association
1975-77 Lunar Sample Review Board
1975-77 Lunar Science Institute Council, U.S.R.A.
1975-77 Terrestrial Bodies Science Working Group (Advisory to J.P.L.)
1975-79 Comet Halley Science Working Group (Advisory to J.P.L.)
1977-81 Team Leader, Basaltic Volcanism Project of the Lunar Science Institute
1981-83 Co-Convener, Study Group on the Cosmic History of Biogenic Elements, NASA Ames Research Center
1983-92 Co-Investigator, Radar Investigation Group, Magellan mission to Venus
1985-86 Chair, Planetary Materials & Geochemistry Program Management Working Group (NASA)
1985-~90 Mission Definition Team, Comet Nucleus Sample Return (NASA/ESA) (U.S. Chair, 1988-89)
1989-~90 Solar System Exploration Subcommittee (Advisory to NASA)
1989-90 Discovery Program Science Working Group (Advisory to NASA)
1989-92 Lunar and Planetary Geosciences Review Panel (Advisory to NASA)
1991-93 Steering Group, Origins of Solar Systems Program (Advisory to NASA)
1993 Chair, Gordon Research Conference on Origins of Solar Systems
1994- Science Advisor, STARDUST (Discovery Program) mission
1998-02 Space Studies Board, National Academy of Sciences
1999-02 Chair, Committee on Space Exploration (COMPLEX) of the Space Studies Board, National Academy of Sciences. Major reports published
       by the Committee: The Quarantine and Certification of Martian Samples (2002); Assessment of Mars Science and Mission Priorities (2003)
1999-02 and 2004-05 Chair, Section 16 (Geophysics), National Academy of Sciences

Professional Societies:
American Association for the Advancement of Science (Fellow)
American Geophysical Union (Fellow)
Meteoritical Society (Fellow; President, 1971-72)
International Astronomical Union (Commissions 15, 22)
Division of Planetary Sciences of the American Astronomical Society

NASA Medal for Exceptional Scientific Achievement, 1973
J. Lawrence Smith Award of the National Academy of Sciences, for research in meteoritics, 1976
Frederick C. Leonard Award of the Meteoritical Society, 1978
National Academy of Sciences, elected to membership 1991
Asteroid 4736 named Johnwood, 1991
American Academy of Arts and Sciences, elected to membership 1992
G. K. Gilbert Award of the Geological Society of America, 1992
National Associate of the National Academies, 2001
Fred L. Whipple Award of the Planetary Sciences Division, American Geophysical Union, 2004

General Fields of Investigation:
Study of primitive planetary material, specifically meteorites.
Problem of origin of the planets and solar system in general.
Mineralogy and petrology of lunar samples.
Mineralogy and petrology of the surface of Venus.